Orchard 3D Mapping


Tree fields mapping is a particularly demanding process. The trees inside them are often not of the same height, while in older fields they may not be placed evenly. Besides, quite a large number of tree plantations are planted on slopes. FLYDROPS has the right tools to handle your 3D tree farm mapping quickly, reliably and with RTK accuracy.

First, you indicate your field to us. Then we proceed to flight with DJI Phantom RTK/Mavic 3E RTK and aerial photography of your field with RTK accuracy.

Tree Identification by DJI Terra

The data is then processed with the DJI Terra software, where the boundaries of the field are marked, but also the tops of each tree are identified separately with 3 coordinates! Finally, you get your tree field in proper digital format, on a micro SD card, ready for use in your DJI AGRAS! So you are sure of the trouble-free flight of your DJI AGRAS and the correct application of the pesticides chosen in your arboriculture!

3D Map and Flight Routes

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