Guidance System

Manual Guidance with Ease and Precision

The FJD AG1 Guidance System integrates various positioning technologies (PPP, RTK, SBAS), offering precise location accuracy of up to 2.5cm for manual steering and assisting users in staying on the planned path. With its simplified configuration and an entry-level price, it significantly boosts efficiency while keeping costs in check, providing a streamlined experience.

Multiple Accuracy Solutions

In addition to general GNSS services, the system can deliver 10-20 cm accuracy utilizing PPP (Galileo & Beidou supported), and 20-50 cm accuracy by SBAS without the need for network or base station infrastructure. Additionally, exceptional positioning accuracy of 2.5 cm can be achieved through RTK with network or base station.

Extensive Functions

The AG1 offers a variety of guidance lines, including straight line, curve, A+ line, pivot, and line group, catering to diverse field shapes and operational requirements. Additionally, it supports guidance line translation and data transfer in multiple formats, providing exceptional performance at an affordable entry-level price.

Diverse Guidance Lines

Straight line, curve, A+ line, pivot and line group are available for diverse field shapes and operation needs.

Guidance Line Adjustment

Allow for the adjustment of guidance lines to enhance precision and enable the sharing of these lines between two tractors working in the same field.

Implement Management with ISOBUS

With a wireless ISOBUS module, the system offers VT/TC capabilities, facilitating real-time monitoring and control of equipment. This streamlines essential tasks like seeding, fertilizing, and spraying, significantly boosting work efficiency and minimizing waste.
Note: Additional ISOBUS module required; feature coming soon.

Virtual Terminal (VT)

Streamline implement operation by enabling control of diverse implements from multiple brands through a single terminal.

Task Controller Section Control (TC-SC)

Record and provide information on operations, assisting in task scheduling and execution for the implement, enabling automated and more fine-grained control.

Effortless Installation with Simplified Configuration

With only a guidance terminal and wirelessly connected GNSS receiver, you can effortlessly set it up and say goodbye to the hassle wiring connections for a simplified, intuitive experience.

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FJD V1 Base Station
Deliver accurate positions in harsh environments with global signal coverage.
FJD Wi-Fi Camera
Sends real-time footage (1080P) to the control terminal from as far away as 20 meters, even at night (infrared night vision enabled).


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