FLYDROPS, official seller of DJI AGRICULTURE products in Northern Greece, and 3D, the largest drone academy in Northern Greece, have collaborated and created the DJI ACADEMY Thessaloniki/FLYDROPS-3D under the supervision of DJI.

DJI AGRAS flight training

The purpose of the academy is to train DJI AGRAS drone operators in the proper and safe use of their drones. We believe that the correct use of agricultural drones will contribute to their optimum utilization, to the minimization of accidents as well as to the protection of the environment.

Theoretical Training

The training is carried out in training facilities licensed by the respective authorities, from trainers certified by the HCAA and DJI.It lasts 3 days, follows a program approved by the DJI Academy and includes theoretical training, practical training and assessment. The theoretical training takes place at the 3D facilities in Thessaloniki, while the practice takes place at a stadium in the wider area. The departments are small. After the successful evaluation, the corresponding certification is awarded.

Theoretical Training

Our philosophy is represented in our slogan: Safe Flight – Smart Flight

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