Flydrops belongs to the official partner network of DJI Agriculture and as such, we guarantee the products you buy from us as well as genuine spare parts. In case of damage, it is possible to check and repair, as we are the only recognized official service for DJI AGRAS in Northern Greece.

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Service Certificate

Also, at flydrops we have a sufficient supply of spare parts, certified knowledge, experience and the 1st authorized DJI AGRAS service center in Greece. We can fully support you in all your maintenance/repair requirements!!

T30 deassembed

We stand by the farmer to deal with any drone breakdown or malfunction together, having:

  • The 1st certified and top DJI Agriculture service in Greece!
  • The most experience in maintaining and repairing DJI AGRAS!
  • Full range of spare parts!
  • Finally, the concern to be able to serve the farmer, as quickly as possible, as every hour of the season that passes counts significantly!
T10 deassembed
T30 deassembed

Always after the repair —> a fly test is necessary to make sure of the success of the repair!

Fly Test

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