Autosteering Kit

Hands-Free and More Productive

FJD AT1 Autosteering Kit uses GNSS and RTK to navigate tractors along straight lines, curves, or concentric circles with sub-inch (2.5cm) accuracy.

This auto steer works with a wide array of tractors, harvesters, and other agricultural machines.


Got You Covered Throughout Seasons






Guidance Line

Guidance Line

Straight-line, curve, and pivot modes available.

Field Management

Guidance Line

Create field profiles to record boundaries, guidance lines, tasks, and more. So your farming becomes an organized effort.

Area Metering

Guidance Line

The areas worked under autosteer and manual modes are calculated in real-time.

2 Modes for Manual Intervention

For safety reasons, 2 modes for manual intervention are provided.

U-turn Auto-driving

Guidance Line

Plan paths, navigate fields, make u-turns, and close headlands with FJD U-Turn. Automatic all way through.

GIS Information Import/ Export

Guidance Line

Formats supported: .SHP (SHX/DBF/SHP) and .ISOXML.

Terrain Compensation

Guidance Line

The IMU sensor enables terrain compensation so lines on sloped fields are as straight as those on the even ground.

Implement Library

Guidance Line

Save implements’ width and offset values to the system and get started quickly after implement change.


High guidance and steering accuracy

±2.5cm. Combine GNSS with an RTK correction signal from an optional RTK base station, or combine GNSS with a commercial RTK subscription service.

User-friendly HMI system

One-Man Installation

The android-based system supports 29 languages (incl Greek) and OTA updates — upgrade it like how you upgrade your phone’s system.


FJD Satellite Navigation Base Station
FJD Satellite Navigation Base Station
Provides real-time correctional info, so your agri-machines can achieve centimeter-level precision. No subscription is required.
FJD Wi-Fi Camera
FJD Wi-Fi Camera
Sends real-time footage (1080P) to the control terminal from as far away as 20 meters, even at night (infrared night vision enabled).

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