Autosteering Kit

Hands-Free and More Productive

FJD AT1 Autosteering Kit uses GNSS and RTK to navigate tractors along straight lines, curves, or concentric circles with sub-inch (2.5cm) accuracy.

This auto steer works with a wide array of tractors, harvesters, and other agricultural machines.


Got You Covered Throughout Seasons






Guidance Line

Straight-line, curve, and pivot modes available.

Field Management

Create field profiles to record boundaries, guidance lines, tasks, and more. So your farming becomes an organized effort.

2 Modes for Manual Intervention

For safety reasons, 2 modes for manual intervention are provided.

U-turn Auto-driving

Plan paths, navigate fields, make u-turns, and close headlands with FJD U-Turn. Automatic all way through.

GIS Information Import/ Export

Formats supported: .SHP (SHX/DBF/SHP) and .ISOXML.

Terrain Compensation

The IMU sensor enables terrain compensation so lines on sloped fields are as straight as those on the even ground.


High guidance and steering accuracy

±2.5cm. Combine GNSS with an RTK correction signal from an optional RTK base station, or combine GNSS with a commercial RTK subscription service.

User-friendly HMI system

One-Man Installation

The android-based system supports 29 languages (incl Greek) and OTA updates — upgrade it like how you upgrade your phone’s system.


FJD Satellite Navigation Base Station
Provides real-time correctional info, so your agri-machines can achieve centimeter-level precision. No subscription is required.
FJD Wi-Fi Camera
Sends real-time footage (1080P) to the control terminal from as far away as 20 meters, even at night (infrared night vision enabled).

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