Auto Steer System

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FJD AT2 Auto Steer System combines GNSS and RTK to guarantee a 2.5cm pass-to-pass accuracy on any terrain. It is compatible with a wide range of agricultural machinery and versatile implements. With this system, you can reduce skips and overlaps, save on input costs, work at night, and save your neck from looking back and forth.

Auto Turn

Designed to seamlessly guide your tractor through smooth, automated turns at the end of rows or field boundaries, the system optimizes maneuverability and ensures continuity in farming operations for improved efficiency and precision. Additionally, it adeptly handles a wide variety of complex field shapes.

Ω-shaped route

Fishtail-shaped route

Make Uturns automatically, enable continuous operations


Supports a wide range of mainstream implement brands, including Kverneland, Horsch, CASE IH, New Holland, Lemken, Amazone, Topcon, and more, for various types of implements such as seeding, spraying, and fertilizing.


Guidance Line Management

The system enables the adjustment of guidance lines for improved accuracy and facilitates the sharing of these lines between two tractors operating within the same field.

Farm Management

Basic information, like boundaries and guidance lines created on the platform, can be synchronised to the control terminal to improve management efficiency.

Extensive Compatibility

Accommodating an extensive range of agricultural machinery, our system supports mainstream tractor brands, rice transplanters, harvesters and plant protection equipment.

User-friendly Interface

Simplified navigation allows for easy switching of guidance lines and boundaries, shortening task paths and providing quick, precise access to desired functions or entries.

Terrain Compensation

Reliable accuracy is ensured even on challenging landscapes, such as rolling terrains, slopes and rough ground.

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FJD V1 Base Station
Deliver accurate positions in harsh environments with global signal coverage.
FJD Wi-Fi Camera
Sends real-time footage (1080P) to the control terminal from as far away as 20 meters, even at night (infrared night vision enabled).
FJD Easy Control
Allows you to control your autosteer remotely when the touchscreen is out of reach.

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